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specification Working temperature Packaging Working voltage The output current Function description Available
HEX-302C -40~125°C DIP-4 55mV<VH<75mV 10mA Linear hall sensor 10000
HEX-302B -40~110°C 4-SIP 122mV~204mV 10mA Linear hall sensor
HEX137AO -40~85°C TO-92 4.5-24V 3-5mA Bipolar hall switch 10000
HEX-1789 -30~85°C SON 1.6V-5.5V 0.5mA A high sensitive all hall switch 10000
HEX-454 -40~85°C SOT-23 1.65-6V 1.4mA-3mA Single polarity low-power hall switch 10000
HEX-9145 -40~85°C SOT-23 2V-6V -1mA-4.5mA Nonpolar Holzer switch 10000
HEX-456-S -40~150°C SOT-23 3.0V-30V 1.2mA-2.0mA High pressure all hall 10000
HEX-1779 -40~85°C DFN1216-4L 2.4V-5.5V 3-6mA The whole hall switch polarity 10000
HEX-1776 -40~85°C 6-6L-EDFN1216-4 1.65-3.6V The whole hall switch polarity
HEX-9245 -40~85°C SOT-23-3L 1.65V-6.0V -1mA-4.5mA The infinite hall 10000
HEX-9632 -40~125°C TO-92 1.8-6V 10mA Magnetic resistance all hall 10000
HEX181 -40~150°C TO-92S 4.5-24V 25mA Unipolar hall switch 10000
HEX6325 -40~150°C SOT-23/SOT-553 1.8-5.5V 10mA All very low power switch magnetic resistance hall 10000
HEX454ESQ -40~85°C QFN2020-3 1.65-6V 1.4-3mA Single polarity low-power hall switch 10000
HEX1201 -40~125°C TO-92 1.8-6V 10uA low-power hall 10000


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