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specification Working temperature Packaging Working voltage The output current Function description Available
M48 -40~125°C 3-pinSIP 2.2V-18V 100000
MLX90217 -40~150°C SOIC8 3.3V-18V 4mA-5.5mA PWM motor driver 100000
MLX80105KLQ -40~125°C 28-QFN 5 V ~ 27 V LIN controller 100000
MLX90360 -40~150°C 8-SOIC 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V 15mA provide fully programmable analog or PWM output, simplify the application development cycle. 100000
US1881KSE -40~125℃ SOT-2 3.5V~24V 50mA Bistable switch, speed sensor, pulse counter, encoder 300000
US1881KUA? -40~125℃ TO-92 3.5V~24V 50mA Encoder, anti pinch skylight / window regulator motor commutation etc. 18000
US4881LSE? -40~150℃ SIP-3 2.2V~18V 50mA Flowmeter, brushless DC motor, electric tools. 6000


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